Stylish Outside

You’ve got to have it all. A streamlined tube-shaped design that subtly coordinates with your contemporary home décor. The new BoomBlaster RV-S series is a Boombox with a style that you can take with you anywhere.

Powerful Inside

You’ve still got it. Beneath that polished exterior is a b-boy ready to bust a move. With 40 watts of raw power, a pair of superwoofers and a sleek design, the new BoomBlaster RV-S series is you – cool styling outside and bone-rattling passion inside.

Sleek new generation boombox

Beauty inspired by function. The unique tube form of the BoomBlaster RV-S series is ideal for positioning a superwoofer at each end. Minimalistic streamlined shape with no unsightly or unnecessary decoration. It’s a boombox with a style.

BoomBlaster featuring famous signature twin superwoofers

For powerful deep bass, the twin 13cm superwoofers are located on both sides of the BoomBlaster. They are symmetrically driven back to back to minimise chassis vibration while the tube-shaped cabinet and bass-reflex ducts on the back carry strong sounding bass with less resonance.

Discreetly placed iOS dock

A Stylishly designed dock with a transparent sliding cover protects your iPhone/iPod smartly. You can activate the device with the remote control while checking the screen through the see-through cover.

Dedicated amplifiers for high fidelity

Two main speakers and two superwoofers are driven by four dedicated amps for a total of 40 watts of power. They not only maximise output but also minimise interference, delivering powerful and clearer sound.

A new stylish look all-round

To achieve a streamlined look and easy operation, all control buttons and knobs are discreetly placed on a sleek cylinder rod. The metallic knob on the right is dedicated for volume control for the superwoofer.

“Smart Age” connectivity

The BoomBlaster RV-S series feature various input choices for your music. Connect your media via the dedicated iPhone/iPod dock, two* USB ports (One for iPhone 5*) and an SD-card slot. Additionally you can listen to the FM radio or DAB+** digital radio.
*Only RV-S1, S3. RV-S5 has one USB port.  **Only RV-S3

Boombox for a matured audience

Performance, passion and power garbed in simple modern styling. The BoomBlaster RV-S series adds a subtle touch of sophistication to your room, when an occasion arises you’d be proud to take it anywhere.

  • A modern style that fits any interior.

  • Take it out with you for those special occasions.

  • Enjoy your music in a relaxing environment.

  • A BoomBlaster that suits you.

Power to play wirelessly

RV-S5 features wireless play with AirPlay and DLNA. Connection is very easy with only a few steps, it is unnecessary to prepare a router. You can just use wireless play from day one. Or if you have a router, you can play all the music stored in your server like a NAS. It’s a powerful and smart way to enjoy your music.


Lineup + Features






OUTPUT POWER Total 40W (5W+15W)x2 Total 40W (5W+15W)x2 Total 40W (5W+15W)x2
Radio Tuner FM (RDS) FM (RDS) FM (RDS)
Digital Radio Tuner - DAB+ -
USB HOST (PLAY) 2 (1 for iPhone 5) 2 (1 for iPhone 5) 1
SD SLOT 1 1 1
iPhone dock 1 1 1
Support playback format (USB,SD) MP3/WMA MP3/WMA MP3/WMA
Video out for iPod dock YES (Composite) YES (Composite) YES (Composite)
iPhone 5 compatible Via USB 2 Via USB 2 Via Air Play
Audio In (Stereo mini) 1 1 1
Bluetooth - - YES
Airplay - - YES